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Southern Comfort

Southern ComfortNew Orleans is known for its distinct flavors, so it makes perfect sense that the smooth refined whiskey known as Southern Comfort would be invented here.

Martin Wilkes Heron created Southern Comfort in 1874 while working at McCauley’s Tavern in the French Quarter. New Orleans has always been a rich blend of sights, sounds and aromas, and Heron, a young traveler, strived to incorporate the essence of the city into his creation of Southern Comfort.

To improve the taste of the harsh, unrefined barreled whiskeys available at the time, he started adding a variety of other spirits, spices and flavors to them. After much experimentation, Heron hit upon a combination of flavors that resulted in a remarkably smooth, refreshing drink. Later named Southern Comfort, the drink was a hit with Heron’s bar patrons and eventually became famous. Heron’s recipe is closely guarded today.

Those interested in the legends of unique concoctions like Southern Comfort can get a glimpse of exciting history through The Southern Comfort Cocktail Tour. This is New Orleans only walking tour through the French Quarter’s most famous bars and restaurants.

The Southern Comfort Cocktail Tour runs seven days a week and highlights the creation of the cocktail and the classic stories of New Orleans taverns, restaurants and the characters that brought them to life.

For more details or to book reservations, call Gray Line of New Orleans at (504) 569-1401 or toll free at (800) 535-7786.

Each August food and wine lovers gather in New Orleans for the “Tales of the Cocktail” tour, sponsored by Southern Comfort. This dining and drinking experience is a classic gourmet’s dream. For information visit:

To try a Southern Comfort cocktail at home, try:

  • SoCo@Lime Shot
  • 1-1/2 oz Southern Comfort
  • Splash of sweetened lime juice

Combine ingredients with ice in shaker. Shake until well-chilled.
Strain into shot glass.

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