New Orleans Music

Real New Orleans musicians and their music is best heard in a real New Orleans music club. Here are a few.
New Orleans musicians
New Orleans is known for its music – explore the origins and traditions of the rhythm of the city.
New Orleans music festivals
There's a music festival for every season, every ear in New Orleans - plan your next music-filled vacation today.
The best place to see authentic, live music in New Orleans. Come and get into the real scene.
Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy authentic Cajun dancing and Cajun food at one of these lively establishments.
From Beethoven to Marsalis, the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra enlightens and entertains its patrons.
Enjoy opera at its grandest with the New Orleans Opera and its magnificent productions.
New Orleans jazz
Welcome to the birthplace of jazz – New Orleans. On any night catch live jazz in one of our many New Orleans jazz clubs.
Jon Cleary
Authentic New Orleans music is here for your listening pleasure 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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