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The Steam Calliope on Steamboat Natchez

The Steam Calliope on Steamboat Natchez

The Steam Calliope is a uniquely American instrument, a 32-note steam pipe organ. It has been identified with steamboats since 1865. Today, only four Steamboats operating on the Mississippi River have Steam Calliopes. The Steamboat Natchez, christened in 1975, has a Steam Calliope which is an exact copy of those original instruments built 100 years ago.

While walking through the French Quarter during the day, listen carefully at 11 a.m. (except Sunday morning) or at 2 p.m. and you will hear the lively music of a calliope. Follow the sounds to the Toulouse Street Wharf and see the music coming from the Steam Calliope of the Steamboat Natchez, in the form of steam plumes, shooting from each whistle played. The Natchez's Calliope also has synchronized colored lights which light each time a note is struck. The concerts take place just before one of the Natchez's daily treks down the Mississippi River.

To hear this delightful music, come to New Orleans and sit on the banks of the Mississippi and enjoy Steam Calliope music each day.

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