Magazine St.

Magazine Street

Magazine St.
Magazine St.

For shopping, dining or just casual strolling, no place in New Orleans outside the French Quarter beats Magazine Street. A six-mile-long stretch of this Garden District and Uptown thoroughfare features some of the best antique stores, art galleries, craft shops and classy boutiques to be found anywhere in the city.

Magazine Street was named for a “magazin,” a warehouse that was built in the late 1700s to house products awaiting export. Today this vibrant street features eclectic architecture—from the large columned Greek Revival style of the mid-19th century to the colorful Victorian cottages trimmed in quirky gingerbread millwork.

For many generations, Magazine Street has been a mecca for bohemians and the well-heeled alike. Specialty and chain coffee shops offer Internet hookups for laptops and outdoor tables for those who prefer a more amiable atmosphere for casual and business conversations. Restaurants featuring a wide variety of cuisines are open long hours along this stretch, as are a number of nightclubs offering a wide variety of live musical genres.

But it is the antiques and artwork that draw aficionados to Magazine Street like moths to a streetlight. Whatever it is you’re looking for in home décor – fine China, exquisite handcrafted items, used and new books, imported rugs, jewelry, ornate furniture, silver utensils and other tableware, crystal chandeliers and other 19th and early 20th century home furnishings – there’s an excellent chance you will find it on Magazine Street. Looking for fine art to take home with you? A wide selection of galleries are open for business, offering paintings, sculptures and other artistic media that rank on a par with galleries found in other American cities.

Magazine Street is easily accessible by car or public transportation from the French Quarter or Downtown New Orleans. For more information and maps, log on to

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