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New Orleans is famous for its incredible restaurants and nightlife and with over 100 years of experience, you know you will be able to find a good meal here. The Crescent City is also home to some of the oldest bars in the country, making the nightlife unbeatable. So it’s no surprise that our bar and pub scene is thriving.

In many New Orleans bars and pubs you can order anything from fish and chips to burgers and fries, and even duck and quail egg hash between rounds of craft cocktails. That hole-in-the-wall establishment might just serve the best roast beef po'boy in the entire city. A grilled-to-order burger will pair perfectly with that beer. And if it's Monday, there is a good chance that a pot of red beans and rice is cooking somewhere in the back of the bar.

New Orleanians live to eat. We know that the pleasures of food and drink should not be separated, which is why so many New Orleans establishments offer a variety of pub food. No matter what neighborhood you’re in, or how late it is, you can always find a great bite to eat in a nearby watering hole.

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