Middle Eastern Food in New Orleans

New Orleans Chinese Food

New Orleans Chinese Food

While most visitors to the area are drawn to the local Cajun and Creole fare, those with a taste for delicious ethnic dishes won't have to look far to find a range of restaurants serving mouthwatering Chinese food. New Orleans offers a number of dining options serving this tempting choice – although most locals are often hard-pressed to select only one favorite venue.

From Peking duck and sizzling stir-fries to flavorful soups and savory dumplings, the New Orleans area has something for everyone. With both traditional American-Chinese favorites and mouthwatering local twists on classic recipes, foodies will find that there is truly a dish for any palate. Some of the area's best restaurants even incorporate local seafood selections and add Southern influences, while others rely on traditional cooking techniques and flavors that have been passed down for generations. Venues range from the casual, cozy, local haunts to exquisite fine-dining restaurants. In addition, with the increasing demand for healthy foods, many of these venues have supplemented their menus with a range of healthier – and often even vegetarian-friendly – selections that are low in sodium and sugar.

When you're visiting New Orleans, just remember that there's more to sample than just gumbo and red beans! When it comes to Chinese food, New Orleans provides the same mouthwatering offerings you would expect from a city known for its range of flavorful cuisines. No matter what type of Chinese food you've got a taste for, browse our list to find the restaurant for you.

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