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"Come Out and Play" Music Video

“Come Out and Play in New Orleans!” stars famed trumpeter and singer Jeremy Davenport with original music by New Orleans pianist, David Torkanowsky and long-time New Orleans resident, Lori Archer. This two minute video will have your hips shakin,’ feet stompin,’ stomach growlin’ in no time. It captures just a taste of New Orleans best sights, sounds and traditions. Come out and play in New Orleans to see for yourself!

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"Do They Play Jazz in Heaven" Music Video

“You know if there’s a paradise, it’s an afternoon in Jackson Square. If they play Jazz in heaven, darlin’, it’s standing room only up there!” Join Grammy-Award winning trumpeter Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, plus local singing sensation Ingrid Lucia in this traditional jazz homage to New Orleans grandest of traditions. Produced in 2005 with original music by New Orleans pianist David Torkanowsky and lyrics by long-time New Orleans resident Lori Archer.

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